Water, Essential Part of Life : An Athletic Perspective.

December 19, 2020 no comments paathey_user Categories health blog

The poet, W.H. Auden once said, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” These words are scientifically true since the average person can only live for three days without water.

Essential bodily fluids are lost continuously through breathing, perspiration, and frequent urination. According to Mayo Clinic, an adult body consists of approximately 60% water. Depending on the fat content, body’s water content can vary from about 45% (obese individuals) to 70% (lean individuals).

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”


Water is so critical for health, growth and development that even minor fluctuations in its balance (just 1% of total body water loss) can adversely affect the body’s physical and mental coordination. Thirst sensations begin once the body has lost 2-3% of water.


Role of Water in Nutrition.


Sally Barclay, clinician in food science and human nutrition, says “Mild-to-moderate symptoms of dehydration include increased thirst, dry mouth, fatigue, decreased urination, dark-coloured urine, headache, dry skin and dizziness. In severe dehydration, you can see extreme forms of these symptoms and also confusion, sunken eyes, almost no urine output, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and fever.”

Barclay further explained that proper hydration can prevent these problems, and also prevent cavities and overheating of the body, promote cardiovascular health, detoxify the body and keep the skin supple.

Do not rely on you thirst Mechanisms to tell you to drink. If you feel thirsty, it is too late. Your body has begun to feel the effects from dehydration and your performance will suffer along with your body. Do not wait that long.

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine”