• Once you select the program for you, you can get in touch with us via: - WhatsAapp - Phone - Email You can transfer money to our bank account via: - Net banking - Transfer cash to our account - Deposit cheques to our account (will share bank details with you over whats app or email) - Paytm - Debit card / credit card (swipe machine) Once we receive your payment than we shall send you assessment form via email which will allows us to customize a perfect diet plan based on your health assessment. For instalments: You can pay via (bank transfer, paytm, cash, and cheque in 2 instalments within 15 days)

  • Any health care & wellness program will not give any guarantee, but yes if you are determine to follow our die plan along with our advice you will surely see great results. Note: If you do not have a medical condition one can lose up to 2 kgs to 5kgs in a month. Kindly do not compare your weight loss with others as everybody has different parameters.

  • There is no such die which helps you to lose weight form only belly or hips as you lose maximum fat where it is present in the body. It is only possible through surgery.

  • No we don’t believe in any supplements, we have a very natural & holistic method therefore we suggest few vitamins along with a healthy diet plan and personalized exercise schedule which can aid in improving you immunity, stamina, fat metabolism and metabolism etc. Which giving a weight loss plan we make sure that you are only losing fat, not losing muscle, hair and skin.

  • No, We don’t have a trial diet or any sample diet: For simple reason that any program like this one needs at least 21 days to see perceptible change, plus , before starting the program we do an extensive assessment only after that a completely custom made diet plan is made and sent to you.

  • Our goal is to get off the dieting cycle for good, The program will be sustainable enough for us to make that happen for you. This is one way on which it will differ from the other programs Other ways –no starvation, limitation, restriction or believing that you are on a diet Despite of this what may seem miraculous to you will get healthier, fitter and leaner, more toned and attain an awesome health and fitness status in general.

  • The results completely depend on you efforts and how thoroughly you follow the meal plans and exercise guidelines given to you. Results can also be (improved energy levels, increased productivity better immunity and fitter lifestyle with great health and fitness levels in the end.

  • They are both exactly the same. We connect once a week in person or on phone/video call and stay in touch on email/text/WhatsApp daily for the length of your program. The quality of the program will be the same for the phone/video call as it is for a face-to-face meeting. However at your scheduled call from you end please ensure that you’re alert, attentive, not distracted and not logged into Facebook while chatting with us.